Why you might want a doula

About Tennessee Family Doulas

Tennessee Family Doulas is a full service doula agency that exists because you deserve superior service and support when it comes to birth, parenting and newborn care.

Our on call systems have been expertly developed in order to meet the demanding nature of the sensitively timed work that doulas do. While individual doulas struggle to find back up systems, our agency model has accountable back up systems built right in.


Our exclusive focus is on how we can help you have the best experience possible. From our business systems, to our birth support to our postpartum care and our pristine attention to placenta encapsulation details, your safety, comfort and well-being remains our number one priority!

thank you!

Tanya was very helpful in positioning and coaching through pushing. Her support made this birth a lot more enjoyable.

Kelly W.

If you are seeking a birth or postpartum experience that is totally focused on the physical, educational and emotional needs of you, your partner and your sweet new baby, contact Tennessee Family Doulas today.

Tanya Grabbe, Doula / 615-944-9390

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