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at Tennessee Family Doulas, labor & birth is about YOU.

During pregnancy we think about our babies!

How they are growing and what our lives will be like once they are here. Sometimes we work hard to prevent ourselves from thinking about the hours that lead to them getting here. The hours in which we are laboring and giving birth to them.


For some, labor and birth is terrifying.

For some, it is exciting.

For some it is a means to an end and for some, it is an experience they have waited a lifetime for.

For us, it is about YOU.

It is about what you want your birth experience to be. We support you in what you decide is right for you. Whether that includes an epidural, a surgical birth or the awareness of every contraction and feeling the sensation of your baby moving through your birth canal, we know how to support you.


With Tennessee Family Doulas, you can expect:

Free Consultation

After our initial phone call, your doula will come to your home for a consultation. This meeting gives you a chance to meet, talk about any goals you have for your birth experience, and ask any questions you may have for your doula.

Phone and email support

Your doula is available to you 24/7 after we receive the signed contract. You can reach out with any questions or updates as your pregnancy progresses.

Prenatal Visits

Your doula will come to your home for 1-2 prenatal visits, depending on what’s best for you and your schedule. Your doula will help you create a birth plan, review any options that you have questions about, and discuss comfort measures that can be used during labor to help reduce pain and stress.

Face-to-Face Support during Labor

When you feel the first signs of labor, your doula would love to connect with you and talk about how you’re coping. Once you decide you’re ready for support, CALL your doula and she will join you. She will be there offering physical and emotional support, and help you navigate your options as you move through labor. Once your baby is born, she will stay with you to make sure you and your partner are settled into your room and can assist with baby’s first latch if desired.

Postpartum Visit

Your doula will come and visit you once you’re home with your baby. She will make sure you’re settling in well, and answer any questions that you may have about baby care, feeding, sleeping and recovery. You will have a chance to talk about your birth experience and to celebrate the amazing work you did!

Postpartum Follow-up

Your doula will send a quick text or phone call occasionally during the first few weeks to make sure you and baby are transitioning well to being home.

thank you!

Tanya was very good at answering any questions or concerns Sam and I had. My labor was awesome and I felt good and supported. I was happy to have someone who wasn’t emotionally attached to get me through the night.

Cassandra H.

If you are seeking a birth or postpartum experience that is totally focused on the physical, educational and emotional needs of you, your partner and your sweet new baby, contact Tennessee Family Doulas today.

Tanya Grabbe, Doula / 615-944-9390

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